Monday, August 1, 2011


Hi All,
Well, I started this blog quite some time ago and then life got in the way, and I forgot about it most of the time.
So, now I am going to try to do something here .. nothing spectacular, just a few random ramblings about what I get up to and showing some photos of my gorgeous children in my life!! I do tend to dribble on about my kiddos, my husband and I never had children (long story, but this was not our choice!!). We both love kids, and are very blessed to have so many in our lives. The main ones are:
Josh, my youngest sister's son (Sue & her husband Neil)
Jardin & Ziggy, my great nephews .. sons of my nephew Scott & wife Irma,
Jaxon, Scharlee & Evie .. children of our ex neighbours, who were like family to us - we were extremely distraught when they had to move, as they were renting the house next door .. however, they have not moved too far away, but due to conflicting schedules we don't get to catch up anywhere near as often as we would like!
Tobi & Sofi - children of some friends who I look after 1-2 days a week
I am not an intellectual person, not dumb but not super smart either - I have been retired for about 5 years, semi retired for about 5 years prior to that. I was born in the early 1950's, the middle child of 5 girls (omg!!). We were pretty poor, but never lacked food on the table .. just no money for extras!! We got presents on our birthday and christmas .. nothing in between!!
I didn't get married until 5 days short of my 34th birthday, and have been married to Ashley for about 23 years. Ashley is the middle child of 5 boys (omg again!!).
So, that is a quick intro of myself and hopefully, I will be a bit more diligent about posting in the future. If anyone visits, please say hi ... I don't bite!!! lol

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