Thursday, August 4, 2011

No kids this week!!

A child free week .. I can't remember the last time that has happened. Jardin & Ziggy's mum didn't have to work, and Tobi & Sofi's family are all down with the worst flu ever!!
I took advantage of this uninterrupted week to get stuck into my ironing (I was sooooo far behind), and catching up on some bill paying, and scanning into the computer.
At the moment, I have my sister Deb's wedding album, which I am scanning in and editing in PSE 9 - I don't know where all those little specks etc come from .. they just magically appear on photos!! I am in the process of making a hard cover photo book covering all our immediate families .. starting with my mum and dad. We do not have a lot of relatives .. Dad's are all in England and I have never had any contact with that side of the family, and I only ever knew my grandmother & grandfather from my mother's side. Mum only had two brothers, and we just don't seem to be a close family. No rifts, just indifference, I think! I seem to be the only one who feels this lack of family history .. maybe that is because I don't have children of my own??? So anyway, I am compiling a photo book from my grandparents on down to current day .. hopefully, some family member from far in the future might find it interesting!!
Well, tomorrow evening will be spent at my sister Debbie's place for a family catch up .. my niece Melissa and her husband and two children are coming over from interstate to attend one of Melissa's old friend's wedding, so it is just a weekend visit. I am really looking forward to catching up, as we only see each other infrequently .. only met her son for the first time last Xmas, when he was 18 months old... so cute!!
It is now 1.30am, so I am off to bed .. full day planned tomorrow cleaning the house ... oh well, someone has to do it, and the housecleaning fairy never seems to find my place!!
Night all!

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