Sunday, September 25, 2011


OMG,I wish we had time to stop to smell the roses!! We are planning renovations to our house, so we are running around looking at different products, getting quotes etc. Plus looking after Jardin,Ziggy on Mondays, Tobi & Sofi on Tuesdays, Evie on Thursday and Josh every 2nd weekend! I have done some gardening .. I almost needed a GPS to find my way to my front door, lol .. it has been so long since I pruned and weeded! Also caught up on the never ending ironing & washing! Now I have to find somewhere to store all the stuff emptied out of the bathroom, because the workmen are starting the renovations there tomorrow! Our old bathroom is bright red .. nice in the 70's .. not so nice now!! Our house was built in the early 70's, we were the 3rd owners, moving in early 1991. We spent 5 years renovating, but never got around to the bathroom .. we only use the ensuite bathroom anyway, so it stayed as it was through lack of interest, really! I am so excited and impatient to see the finished product! So, no looking after Jardin & Ziggy this week, and Tobi, Sofi and family are away on holidays for the next two weeks, Josh has just gone home; so the workmen will have no interruptions!! I will post some new photos of the kiddos, and then sign out, as I still have some work to do and they should be here early in the morning. Woo hoo !!!!! Will also post some before and after photos when the bathroom is finished. Night night!

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